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Committed to a Common Vision

October 16, 2019

At Network Beyond, we realize we are not merely an organization, but a network—a network of people committed to a common vision and purpose.  There are courageous Christian leaders from many parts of the world, intercessors, teachers, mission trip leaders and participants, churches, and those who give, all involved in furthering the work of the gospel.  Thank you for being a part.

Recently, teams have been active in Kenya, Paraguay, Egypt, Austria (with both Farsi and Arabic speakers), Peru, and Cuba.  Teams are readied for Columbia, Uganda, Malawi, and Zambia.

That’s the big picture, but beyond this are the personal stories of God at work.  Here is one such story from Glenn Myres, a frequent Network Beyond participant from Columbus, Ohio.  Listen to his heart:

"Every ITI trip is unique in its own way.  But the September trip was "over the top" in its uniqueness.  Our first hint came from the cab driver as we left the airport.  He said, "You know, we have a serious gasoline crisis here in Cuba."  Only later did we learn people were waiting up to five hours in line for gasoline, sometimes only to find the station was out of gasoline when it was their turn.  Others were waiting hours at stations with no gasoline in hopes they would be first in line when gasoline did come.  Needless to say this greatly impacted our training attendance.  Instead of the normal 60-80 attendees, we had only 20!  Quick adjustments were made, and we offered only three classes in the morning and three classes in the afternoon instead of the planned four classes morning and afternoon.

"Small classes can have a personality all their own, and this one was no exception.  This class was a tremendous blessing.  There was a comradery that quickly developed.  There was lots of serious learning and discussions, but at the same time lots of jousting and kidding that made the class wonderful.  Further, every student was fully engaged.  At the end of the class, after I gave and assignment to put the discipleship and character development material to work once they get back to their congregations, 100% of the students said they would.  Further, when I asked them, "When will you start?" every student said, "tomorrow," or "Sunday."  I was so proud of them!

"Through the years I have learned that when God is moving, it is not unusual to see He is moving in many places and in many different ways.  I believe that is happening NOW!

"If you are looking for purpose in your life and you love to invest in others, I heartily recommend considering joining us for an ITI.  The material is all prepared, interpreters are available if needed, and students are flocking to the sessions.  Trainings are being held in 22 countries, and pastors and leaders in more countries are crying out for us to come.  Will you consider joining us and experiencing


the joy of knowing that you are part of God's amazing movement--that of investing in quality leaders and pastors to equip them to spread the Kingdom in their parts of the world?"

Thank you for your commitment to Network Beyond. Your regular prayers and faithful support contribute to the life-giving messages of Jesus transforming communities around the world.

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The International Training Institute (ITI) is operated by Network Beyond, a 501(c)3 organization.



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